Upper Madi hydel project completed


    The 25MW Upper Madi Hydropower Project based in Kaski is all set to come online within a month with the completion of the project recently.

    The project has also finished equipment test.

    According to project Coordinator Raj Kumar Baral, nothing wrong was detected during the test. “So far we’ve tested the generators, turbines and transformers and are happy that the tests were successful,” said Baral, adding the project is slated to start charging from 8:00am tomorrow.

    “In order for the charging that will continue for 48 hours, we’ll link the Lekhnath-based Nepal Electricity Authority sub-station to the power house through the 132 KV transmission line,” he said, adding, “In case of any leakage found during the testing, we’ll have to carry out necessary repairs and this might take time. Otherwise, the project will start producing power in full capacity within a month.”

    The project based in Sildujure and Namarjun of Kaski was jointly developed by China International Water and Electric Corporation and Madi Hydropower Company of Nepal. It was supposed to be completed in April this year, but was delayed due to various factors including floods, landslides and earthquake.

    The Chinese and Nepali companies have invested 80 and 20 per cent in the project respectively.

    “Though the estimated cost of the project was 5.8 billion rupees, it reached up to 6.6 billion rupees and could still go up,” said Bijayababu Malla, director of the project whose construction had started about four years ago.

    Meanwhile, the project has urged the locals of some select places from the project site to Lekhnath Sub-station along the 132 KV transmission line to be on alert against any possible accident during the 48-hour charging period.

    Source : The Himalayan Times.