Talk Program on Electricity Demand: A Total Energy Perspective


    Talk Program on  “Electricity Demand: A Total Energy Perspective” to be organized by IPPAN on 6 June, 2014 at 3.00 PM at Pawan Hall, 4th Floor, United World Trade Centre Building (UWTC), Tripureswor, Kathmandu, Nepal,

    Nepal Electricity Demand -Medium Growth

    Per capita electricity consumption of Nepal is lowers in the SAARC region. Nepal’s investment in the energy sector is also one of the lowest in the region, standing at 0.3% of GDP compared to 16% in Bhutan and 3.4% in India. Only 2% of the total energy supply in the country is form hydropower.

    If we look back 15 years into the energy consumption history of Nepal, kerosene was the cheapest fuel, followed by LPG and electricity   was the most expensive one. However, today, electricity is the cheapest fuel in the country, following by LPG and kerosene stands as the most expensive one. Interestingly, tentatively 54% of the total household energy consumption is for cooking. Thus, there is a huge market for hydroelectricity if we can tap into the prospects.

    A stakeholder survey shows that by 2050, the expected over 60% of the total fuel supply to come from electricity. By this time, all major sectors including agriculture, commercial, industrial, residential and transportation are expected to be electrified. Unlikely NEA forecast, if a scenario is developed based on the medium level economic growth and partial replacement of imported fuel and biomass energy, around 4500MW of capacity will be required domestically by 2020.

    Prof. Dr. Amrit Man Nakarmi is the Professor- Engineering Management, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, IOE, Pulchowk Campus. He is also the Coordinator- Master’s program in Technology & Innovation Management Under assistance from Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Trondheim, Norway, Coordinator- Energy System Planning & Analysis Unit, Center for Energy Studies, IOE/TU and Coordinator- Master’s Program in Energy System Planning & Management Under assistance from Vienna Technical University, Austria.

    He hold the PhD in Public Policy from SJM School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology ( Jan 2006 to till now), Master of Engineering (MEng) in Engineering Management University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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