Sarlahi’s Nawalpur has constructed a new substation, ensuring reliable electrical supply and reducing leakage


Kathmandu, 24 October 2021. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has constructed a 132-33 KV substation in Lalbandi Municipality-1 Nawalpur of Sarlahi with the investment of the government.
The substation constructed to make the power supply of Sarlahi reliable and quality and to provide electricity to the new industries to be opened in the coming days has been brought into operation from Saturday. The substation is charged Saturday.

Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, Kulman Ghising, said that the power supply of Sarlahi would be reliable and technical leakage would be reduced as soon as the substation came into operation.

“Electricity was being supplied to Sarlahi from Dhalkebar and Chandranigahapur substations through 33 kV line. There was technical leakage when the 33 kV line was very long and power supply was also being disrupted,” said Executive Director Ghising.

“Now that the power will be supplied directly from Nawalpur substation, the leakage will be reduced when the line is short. The power supply will also be reliable and quality. Adequate power can be provided to the industries opening in Sarlahi.”

The East-West 132 KV transmission line has loop in and out at Nawalpur substation. The same 132 KV line will supply electricity to Nawalpur substation. The substation has two transformers of 132 ÷ 33 KV, 63 MVA and 33 ÷ 11 KV, 16 MVA capacity. Power supply will be provided to Haripur and Malangwa 33-11 KV distribution substations of Sarlahi through this substation.

Preliminary work of the substation was started in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2074/75 and main construction in FY 2075/76. Chief of the substation project Niranjan Sah said that the construction was delayed due to the inability to bring equipment due to the epidemic of Kovid-19.

The contract for the construction of the substation was awarded to Power Tech, India and Waiba Infratech, a joint venture (JV) of Nepal.