Sanjen HEP


    Sanjen Hydropower Company Limited

    With a view to expanding its business in hydropower sector, the CHPCL has embarked on creating new models of its investment with the formation of its subsidiary companies. Sanjen Hydropower Company Limited (SHCL), the first subsidiary company, has been established in 2010 A.D. as a public limited company. Equity structure of the company includes – Chilime Hydropower Company Limited 53%, Nepal Electricity Authority 14%, District Development Committee and all 18 Village Development Committees of Rasuwa. 3% and General Public, Employees & Project affected people 30%.Projects Undertaken

    SHCL has undertaken to develop two peaking runof- river projects in a cascade system. The upper scheme called Sanjen (Upper) Hydroelectric Project (SUHEP) has the installed capacity of 14.6 MW whereas lower project Sanjen Hydroelectric Project (SHEP) has the installed capacity of 42.5 MW. The combined capacities of these projects will be 57.1 MW having the following features:

    Design Discharge (Q40%) m3/sec
    Gross Head (m)
    Gross Energy Generation (GWh)


    Power Purchase AgreementThe draft Power Purchase Agreement with Nepal Electricity Authority has been signed on December 17, 2010. The company has applied for the Generation License of SHEP.

    Project Activities

    Over 203 Ropanis of private land for the access road and project structures has been acquired and compensation for land is being distributed to the land owners through Rasuwa District Administration Office. The foundation laying ceremony of the 10.65 km long access road for the projects was held on January 21, 2011 and about 1.5 km length of the track road has been constructed up to the end of Chilime village. Evaluation of Bids for the construction of Access Road has been completed and construction works are planned to start by March end 2011 with target completion period of 18 months. Other infrastructure works like the construction of camp facilities for the project and local development works in the project area will be carried out simultaneously. The commercial operation date for SHEP is scheduled to be September 2015.