Public can sell solar power to the government now onwards


    Now onwards, members of the public can also sell solar power produced at their homes to the government as the Nepal Electricity Authority has launched a plan to purchase solar power produced from the private sector and general public.

    In the first phase, the Authority has already connected solar panels of Nepal Engineers’ Association in Pulchok and Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority in Tangal to the central transmission line.

    Individual households should have a panel with more than 500 watt capacity to sell power to the Authority. The Alternative Energy Promotion Centre says buying electricity from the panels with the capacity less than 500 watt will be quite costly.

    The Authority hopes that its new project will provide a significant support to elimination of energy crisis and proper utilisation of solar energy.

    A study carried out by the Authority has shown that two megawatt power can be added to the national transmission from solar panels immediately.

    Source : Online Khabar