Powering Progress: GRIPS – Nepal’s Innovative Smart Grid Project Revolutionizing Energy Solutions


KATHMANDU, Jan 2: Nepal’s surge in electric vehicle demand and government push for induction stoves strain the national power grid, leading to frequent outages. To combat this, Gham Power, alongside Swanbarton, HiT Power, Scene Connect, and Practical Action, has launched the Grid Resilience through Intelligent Photovoltaic Storage (GRIPS) project. The initiative aims to build smarter grids, ensuring reliability through intelligent off-grid storage.

GRIPS introduced a smart storage system that seamlessly switches between grid, battery, and solar power during outages, promising more dependable energy. This move advocates for clean energy tech, minimizing reliance on polluting sources, thus curbing climate risks and carbon emissions. With a two-year pilot phase underway, the project foresees a conclusive report next year, demonstrating how solar and smart batteries can stabilize the grid, reducing outages.

GRIPS was introduced as a solution to address power outages and grid instability issues in an eco-friendly way. According to Gham Power Nepal, this is a step forward in the development of infrastructure and the management of Nepal’s economy. Additionally, the project places a major emphasis on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) policies, with a focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly development. The project aims to address the increasing demand for energy in Nepal while also ensuring a sustainable, independent energy future.


Source: Republica