Power summit 2013 Successfully concluded : Closing Remark by IPPAN


    Power Summit 2013The process of organizing the power summit 2013 has been rewarding as it has paid off in the form of all your inputs, participation and insights as to how we can hasten the pace of hydropower development in Nepal. We have a lot to do to make Nepal a Hydropowered country with all the inputs you have provided us which will help us to make a road map. Our destination is to increase power generation and per-capita consumption by at least five-fold in the next decade.

    Now we know what we have in place the and pre requisites that we need without which things will not move ahead- let alone hastening the pace.

    As the president of IPPAN I commit to all of our distinguished participants that we shall distill what we have learned on the past two days and come up with the needed actions with clear roles and responsibilities. We shall provide you the proceedings and action plan in the next two weeks and share it widely through electronic and other media. We shall be in dialogue with the government, our development partners and fellow IPPs to make sure that we prioritize ideas that are actionable.

    We shall then put all our energy and collective wisdom to implement our plans which will be along the four pillars that we have organized the summit around.

    I thank you all again for your participation and also formally declare the summit closed.

    Source : NEF