Plans to generate power from garbage


    Facing acute energy shortage and power outages lasting up to 15 hours a day, Nepal’s capital city is planning to generate electricity from garbage.

    The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has been making preparation to generate 14 KW power from garbage within the next three months, a senior official said.

    Electricity will be produced from the garbage collected at the Teku Waste Transfer Station and 300 tonnes of bio-organic garbage will be needed every day for the same, Chief at the Department of the Environment Management of KMC, Rabinman Shrestha said.

    A total of 450 tonnes of garbage is produced in Kathmandu valley. Of them, 63 per cent is bio-organic fertiliser, the Kathmandu Post reported.

    The power to be generated at the joint investment of European Union and KMC would be utilised at the KMC Office.

    According to the KMC, it is going to produce 96 kg of gas, 300 kg of bio-organic fertiliser and 13,500 litre of purified water from the garbage collected at Teku.

    Source : BS