Pavegen Generates Power When You Walk


    Pavegen Generates Power When You WalkGreen energy solutions are starting to become mainstream these days, and as always, when they come in the form of passive technologies, those tend to work. How about an idea that requires the general public to chip in – that is, they do not need to actually force themselves to use it specifically, and neither do they need to change their lifestyles, but just trample all over i? This is where the Pavegen comes in, which is the brainchild of an inventor from the UK.

    Laurence Kemball-Cook is the one behind the Pavegen system, where it will convert kinetic energy from footsteps into usable electrical energy. Instead of requiring direct action of any kind from an individual, the Pavegen system was specially designed to harness the passive footfalls of pedestrians in order to generate power that can then be used for other public infrastructure such as traffic lights and the works. This is what we call crowdsourcing power, and most folks who do not look down while they walk would not even notice it!


    Source :  Designboom

    pavegen: kinetic energy generation from footsteps