Pant challenges the appointment of new CEO


    Radhesh Pant, the outgoing CEO of Investment Board Nepal (IBN), on Tuesday filed a writ against the government’s appointment of Maha Prasad Adhikari as CEO of IBN.

    Pant filed the writ at the Supreme Court (SC) stating that the newly appointed CEO does not meet the academic qualification required for the post.
    “According to Section-13 of Investment Board Act 2011, candidate having minimum of master’s degree in disciplines like economics, management, engineering or project analysis and corporate law can be appointed in the post of CEO,” the writ stated.“Adhikari hasn’t presented credentials of masters degree in any of the aforementioned discipline. Instead he has submitted certificates of Chartered Accountant and Bachelors in Business Administration which doesn’t qualify him for the post of CEO.”

    The SC has decided to call the defendant for the discussion before giving an interim decision.

    Source : The Kathmandu Post