Not rooting for any political party, says NEA chief Ghising


    Kathmandu, December 5

    Nepal Electricity Authority Managing Director Kulman Ghishing says he is not rooting for any particular political party in the upcoming elecctions.

    Ghising, who has been credited for ending rolling power cuts in the country, says he hasn’t crticised any political party based on its record. The NEA chief said in a Facebook post that a handful of media outlets have published reports quoting him as saying that ‘communists are hypocrites’.

    The media is quoting me on something I have never said, added Ghising. He has also urged the media outlets concerned to not propagate this type of news.

    Ghising was appointed NEA chief by then Minister Janardan Sharma during UML leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal tenure in office as Prime Minister.

    Source: Online Khaber