Nine-hour power outage from tomorrow



    Loadshadding_17Dec2013The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has increased the power cut hours to 63 hours in a week. The new schedule will be effective from Tuesday.

    Issuing a public notice on Monday, the power monopoly said the load shedding hours will be arranged in three shifts — morning, day and night. According to the new schedule, while one day in a week will have the power outage in two shifts (four and five hours respectively), the remaining six days will see the power cuts three times (three hours each).

    In the wake of winter, the load shedding hours are likely to go up gradually.

    According to the NEA, the new power cut schedule can be altered by an hour depending on the favourable or unfavourable situations. The areas prone to electricity leakage will have to bear the brunt of an additional power outage.