Powering Progress: DOED’s Initiative for 132kV Transmission Line to Mewakhola Hydropower


KATHMANDU, April 6: The Department of Electricity Development (DOED) is all set to construct a transmission line for the Mewakhola hydropower project currently under construction in Meringden Rural Municipality-3 of Taplejung. The department plans to carry electricity from Mewakhola to Dhungesanghu through the for the transmission line.

On Saturday, the DOED issued a public notice regarding the 132 KV power transmission line project, inviting stakeholders to provide feedback if there are any potential adverse impacts.

The transmission line will originate from the switchyard of the hydroelectric project being developed in Merringden-3. Spanning a length of 7.08 km, the line will connect to the Dhungesanghu substation of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) in Maiwakhola Rural Municipality-1 through Atharai Triveni Rural Municipality-5.

The DOED’s notice mentions that United Mewakhola Hydropower Limited, a subsidiary company of the developers of the hydropower project, has applied for permission to construct the transmission line in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 of the Electricity Act, 1992.

Stakeholders have been urged to submit written responses to the DOED or the broadcasting company within 35 days if they believe that the construction and operation of the proposed transmission line will have a significant adverse effect.

The single circuit transmission line will operate at a voltage of 132,000 volts and have the capacity to transmit power up to 50 megawatts. The project will involve the construction of 25 towers, with tower distances ranging from 91.83 meters to 673.88 meters and a maximum height of 33 meters.

Approximately 14.49 hectares of land will be needed for the transmission line project, with around 0.37 hectares of land required permanently for the 25 towers. Additionally, 12.74 hectares of land will fall under the jurisdiction of the power line.

Maintaining an 18-meter jurisdiction for the transmission line (9/9 meters on either side from the midpoint) is crucial from a technical standpoint, without compromising the minimum distance as prescribed in the Electricity Regulations, 1993. The target is to complete the transmission line within 12 months.

Source: Republica