Nilgiri Khola II Cascade Begins Pre-Operation Testing: 71 MW of Myagdi Power Soon Online


The construction of Nilgiri Khola II ‘Cascade’ hydropower project with a capacity of 71 MW has been completed in Narchang, Annapurna Rural Municipality-4 of Myagdi. The Nilgiri Khola Cascade is the largest hydroelectric project ever constructed in Myagdi.

Upendraraj Gautam, the representative of Nilgirikhola Hydropower Company Limited, the promoter company of the project, informed that the test will be done by pouring water into the tunnel today.

He said, “During the delivery of water to the tunnel, the flow of river water from Chotepa to Dovilna will decrease, so we have requested that fishing, bathing, cattle, four-footed animals and movement should not be carried out.”

After the construction of the dam, tunnel, power house, transmission line, switchyard, preparations have been made for testing in Rohwar in coordination with the Nepal Electricity Authority. The descender (sand settling pond) constructed at Chotepa was already tested by pouring water. A 4,275 meter long tunnel has been constructed from Chotepa to the power plant in Dovilna.

According to the project, the construction of Humkhola Dam and Chotepa Power House on Nilgiri First has reached its final stage. After the construction of the building of the power house, the installation of the equipment has started. About 80 percent of the physical progress of Niligiri I has been completed. A switchyard has been built in the power plant premises of both projects. The Nilgiri First switchyard was damaged by a landslide last monsoon.

Both projects estimated to cost 13 billion are run-of-river in nature. The electricity generated from Niligiri Khola is connected to the central grid through a 220 KV capacity Dana substation. A transmission line with a capacity of 220 KV has been constructed for a distance of 7.4 km connecting Dana substation via Chotepa-Dobilna.

Ghalemdikhola with a capacity of five megawatts and Mistrikhola with a capacity of 42 megawatts were constructed in Narchang earlier.

Relekhola hydropower project of 6 MW capacity is also in the final stage of construction. Super Ghalemdi project of 9.14 MW is under construction.

Kaligandaki Hydropower Limited is the promoter of the 164 MW Kaligandaki Gorge Project power house proposed to be built in Narchang. Mountain Energy Nepal, the promoter of Mistry Khola, is constructing the 12 MW Mistry Khola-2 project.