Hetauda-Inaruwa 400kV Transmission Line Construction In Progress


Sarlahi, The work of the Hetauda-Dhalkebar-Inaruwa 400 kV transmission line project, which has been stalled for seven years in Lalbandi Municipality-12, Jiyajor of Sarlahi, has progressed.

The work had stopped in the Jiyajor area for seven years due to obstruction of the locals regarding the conflict over the distribution of land compensation. The foundations of eight towers are yet to be dug in this place, while the foundations of three towers have already been laid.

After many discussions with the locals, the dispute over compensation has yet not been resolved, and now security personnel have been deployed for the construction of towers. Since last Wednesday, under the security of the Nepal Police and the Armed Police, construction of the foundation of the Tower has been ongoing in full swing.

Shyam Kumar Yadav, chief of the Hetauda-Dhalkebar-Inaruwa 400 kV transmission project, said that the work that halted in the Jiyajor section has moved forward. Under the Dhalkebar-Hetauda section of this transmission line, the work stopped at Jiyajor in Sarlahi and Hatiya in Makwanpur due to the obstruction of locals.

Among them, the work of the Jiyajor area has progressed. The Nepal Electricity Authority has planned to complete the entire work of the transmission line within the next three months.

After the Nepal Electricity Authority started the work by deploying the police, the locals went to the District Administration Office, Sarlahi on Thursday and again demanded the proper compensation.

Durga Bahadur Ale Magar, ward chairman of Lalbandi Municipality-12, who reached the District Administration Office with the locals, said that attention has been drawn to address the demands of the residents.

Ward chairman said that they have demanded compensation for the acquisition of the land where the tower will be located, along with the compensation for the land occupied by the wires and also for the crops that will be damaged.

There has been no disturbance from the locals in the Jiyajor area for the past three days, and construction work is going on smoothly. Chief District Officer of Sarlahi, Komal Prasad Dhamala said that the work has progressed after the locals were explained about the benefits of the transmission line.

Source: The Rising Nepal