New 220-132 kV Substation Completed in Bahrabise, Paving Way for Enhanced Power Connectivity in Sindhupalchok


Kathmandu, 23 June 2024. Construction of 220-132 kV substation has been completed in Bahrabise municipality, Sindhupalchok. There are power transformers of 220 ÷ 132 kV, 160 MVA and 132 ÷ 11 kV, 5 MVA in Bahrabise substation. Testing of all the substation equipment based on Gas Insulated System (GIS) technology has been completed. Another 400 KV substation is also under construction in Bahrabise .
Electricity of the 102 megawatt Madhyabhotekoshi hydropower project built in Sindhupalchowk under the leadership of Chilime Hydropower Company, a subsidiary of Nepal Electricity Authority, will be connected to this substation. After the start of electricity generation from the Madhyabhotekoshi hydroelectric project, the Bahrabise substation will be charged using the same electricity.
After the construction was completed, the tunnel leaked while testing the structures and equipment to start electricity generation from Madhya Bhotekoshi, and the tunnel is currently being repaired. The work is being done with the aim of completing the tunnel repair by the second week of coming August .
Managing Director of the Authority Kulman Ghising, monitored the repair work of substation, transmission line and tunnel of Madhyabhotekoshi and asked the project management and construction professionals to complete the entire work before the stipulated time. Managing Director Ghising mentioned that since the construction of Bahrabise substation has been completed, there is no problem for the electricity generated from Madhyakotekoshi.
Ghisingh said, ‘There was a situation of not being able to connect the electricity to Madhya Bhotekoshi due to the failure to prepare the substation. Now that the construction of the 220 KV substation has been completed, various options have been prepared to connect the electricity to the project. Due to the lack of substations, the power of the project is not wasted.’
The electricity generated from Madhyabhotekoshi will be connected to Bahrabise substation through 220 KV transmission line. The project has already constructed the towers of 220 kV single circuit transmission line about 4 km long from the switchyard of its power plant to Bahrbise substation. About 2 km of transmission line wire has been stretched. Due to the obstruction of the local residents of Palanti located in Bahrabise municipality-3 and 4, the project is not able to stretch 2 km of wire.
An alternate arrangement has been made temporarily for the electricity flow of Madhyabhoteshi. The electricity reaching the Bahrbise substation from the 200 KV transmission line will be reduced to 132 KV through the same substation and will be transmitted through the 132 KV transmission line. For this purpose, the 132 KV single circuit transmission line built by Shivashree Hydropower, the promoter company of the 22 MW Upper Chaku A Hydropower Project, will be doubled and taken to Bahrabise substation. From the same transmission line, the electricity of Madhyabhotekosi will be integrated into the national system through the long-distance substation. The temporary alternative arrangement will remain until the Khimti-Bahrabise or Bahrabise-Kathmandu transmission line is completed. After the completion of these lines, electricity will flow through them.
Under the Tamakoshi-Kathmandu 220-400 KV transmission line project, a 43 km transmission line is under construction from New Khimti substation at Ramechhap to Bahrbise. Out of the 118 towers on the transmission line, only 2 are left to be constructed. 1 tower is not being constructed near the new Khimti substation due to the obstruction of the locals.
In the same area, there is a problem in laying 1.3 km of wire due to the demand of 100% compensation of the land owners who are in the right of way of the transmission line. Out of 43 km of transmission line, 34 km of wire has been laid.
Similarly, the construction of 46 km 400 KV double circuit transmission line from Bahrabise to Lapsiphedi in Kathmandu is in the final stage. Out of the 122 towers on the 46 km transmission line, 5 towers are left to be constructed due to the obstruction of the locals of Lapsiphedi. Project head Nitesh Paudel said that now that the obstacles of the locals have been removed, the compensation for the acquisition of land for the construction of the tower pad is in the process of determination. Out of 46 km transmission line, 42 km wire has been laid. Only the blocked areas are left to work.
The Tamakoshi-Kathmandu transmission line and substation have been constructed to flow the electricity of the hydroelectric project of the Tamakoshi and Sunkoshi rivers and their tributaries to the national transmission system. The project has investment from Nepal government and authority and concessional loan from Asian Development Bank.