NEPSE closes positively with gain of 13.51 points; Hydropower companies among top gainers


    The benchmark index at Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE) went up by 13.51 points or 0.83% to close at 1,650.81 points.

    Today, NEPSE Index opened at 1637.50 points and after that it was seen in upward trend.

    61,773.unit shares of Prabhu Bank Limited (PRVU) and 48,134 unit shares of Arun Kabeli Power Limited (AKPL) were traded the most today.

    Api Power Company Limited (API), Butwal Power Company Limited (BPCL) and Sanima Mai Hydropower Company Limited (SHPC) were among the top gainers. The top gainers list was also dominated by other hydropower companies: Ridi Hydropower, Khani Khola Hydropower and Arun Kabeli Power Limited.

    SHPC and Prime Life Insurance Company Limited (PLIC) had the highest turnovers of Rs 4.67 crore and Rs 2.80 crore respectively today.

    The total turnover of the day stood above Rs 61.20 crore where more than 10 lakh units shares were traded through 5,654 transactions.

    Sensitive and float index went up by 0.97 and 0.78 points respectively.

    All sectors in NEPSE landed in green today. Hydropower group witnessed the largest growth of 115.96 points (5.88%).

    Source: Sharesansar