Nepal Electricity Authority Disconnects Power to Government Offices for Unpaid Dues


The Nepal Electricity Authority has started to disconnect the electricity supply to various government offices due to their unpaid dues.

On Tuesday, it cut off the electricity supply to the Central Jail in Kathmandu, and then on Wednesday, it disconnected power to 10 government offices in Pokhara.

The Central Jail, Kathmandu owes a total of Rs 1.46 million in unpaid electricity bills. The decision to cut off power was expedited after the jail promised to pay the dues soon.

Likewise, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forests, and Environment in Gandaki Province also faced power disconnection. The ministries collectively owed nearly Rs 153,000 in unpaid bills.

Manoj Silwal, Head of the Distribution Department at Nepal Electricity Authority, stressed the need for a more rapid approach to disconnecting the power supply for delinquent government offices.

He stated that according to regulations, the process of discontinuing the electricity supply for government offices with unpaid bills and significant arrears has accelerated.

“This may have happened when the budget allocated to pay the electricity bill was spent on other areas,” he says

Source: Online Khabar