NEA under pressure to build Bahrabise substation immediately


Kathmandu, July 30,03. The Nepal Electricity Authority is under pressure to complete the construction of the 220 kV substation under construction at Bahrabise in Sindhupalchok. After the construction of 102 megawatt mid-Bhotekoshi hydroelectric power plant in Sindhupalchowk under the leadership of Chameli Jalbidyut Company has reached its final stage, the authority is under pressure to complete the construction of the substation to which the project will be connected.

The construction of Mid-Bhotekoshi is being completed within two months. The electricity generated from mid-Bhotekoshi will be connected to Bahrabise substation through 220 KV transmission line. The project has already built the towers of the transmission line from its power plant to Bahrabise substation and the work of pulling the wire is going on. The construction of the substation has been delayed due to the poor performance of the joint venture of the Chinese companies Guangxi Transmission and Substation Construction and Shenzhen Claw Electronics, which got the contract for the construction of the Bahrabise substation.

The schedule of completion of substation construction has been affected due to the non-compliance of the instructions given by the authority to improve the performance of construction professionals.The authority has been warning that if the construction of the substation is not completed and the electricity of mid-Bhotekoshi cannot be connected, the compensation will be paid by the builders.

A high-level team of the authority including Managing Director Kulman Ghising, Deputy Executive Director of Broadcasting Directorate Dirghayu Kumar Shrestha, Deputy Executive Director of Project Management Directorate Tara Prasad Pradhan visited the substation construction site on Saturday. The team discussed with the project management and construction professionals the problems encountered in the construction, the condition of equipment supply, the construction completion schedule, etc.

After last February, Managing Director Ghising observed that some improvements have been made in the construction business operations. He mentioned that the number of workers has increased, and to accelerate construction, he instructed the directors to obtain information on construction progress regularly by visiting the construction sites weekly.

“Power transformers and related equipment are installed at the construction site, and there is no reason to delay the construction. We are prepared for the construction and plan to complete it within three months. Otherwise, there could be a power crisis due to the mid-Bhotekoshi hydropower project. So, everyone should pay attention and work diligently,” he said.

The company has installed various equipment such as power transformers at the substation, and they have constructed transformer bays and control room buildings. In the substation, there are 220/132 kV, 160 MVA, and 132/11 kV, 5 MVA power transformers. Additionally, another substation with a capacity of 400 kV is under construction.

The authority has temporarily made an alternative arrangement for the electricity flow of mid-Bhotesh. However, However, even for this purpose, the construction of Bahrabise substations is mandatory. The promoter company of the 22 MW Upper Chaku A Hydroelectric Project

The authority has temporarily made an alternative arrangement for the electricity flow of mid-Bhotekoshi. However, for that too, the construction of Bahrabise substations is mandatory. The 132 KV single circuit transmission line constructed by Shivashree Hydropower, the promoter company of the 22 MW Upper Chaku A hydroelectric project, is going to be doubled. The work of the line, which should be built by Shivshri Hydropower from Lamosanghu substation to Bahrabise, has not even started.

The company has to lay seven kilometers of wires out of about 10 kilometers of lines, while a four-circuit (multi-circuit) transmission line of about three kilometers has to be built from near Bahrbise town to the substation. However, the company has not yet started the work. The high-level team of the authority has requested the company to start the construction work immediately. The authority is working on bay expansion at Lamosanghu substation.

The construction of Tamakoshi-Kathmandu transmission line and substation has been started to flow the electricity of the hydroelectric project of Tamakoshi and Sunkoshi rivers and their tributaries to the national transmission system. Transmission lines and substations are being constructed with concessional loans from the Asian Development Bank.

Under the Tamakoshi-Kathmandu 220-400 KV transmission line project, a 44 km transmission line is under construction from New Khimti substation at Ramechhap to Bahrabise. Similarly, 46 km 400 KV double circuit from Bahrabise to Lapsiphedi in Kathmandu and 14 km 132 KV transmission line from Lapsiphedi to Changunarayan in Bhaktapur are also under construction. Construction of 400 ÷ 220 and 132 ÷ 11 KV substations in Lapsiphedi has been affected due to obstruction by local residents.