NEA to sign performance agreement with staffers to control power leakage


October 20, 2019

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is planning to sign performance agreement with its staff to control power leakage and bring improvements in the service delivery and customer service.

The NEA signed performance agreement with chiefs of 24 distribution centers under provincial office of Province 1 on Friday. The agreement was signed by Shreeram Pandey, chief of the provincial office, with managing director of the NEA, Kulman Ghising.

The authority is set to sign performance agreement with seven provincial and two Province Division Office chiefs of distribution centers under the office. After the evaluation of the parameters in the performance agreement, there is a provision of either felicitating or punishing the concerned branch.

Controlling power leakage is the NEA’s topmost priority under managing director Ghising, who was instrumental in stopping perennial power cuts in the country. The NEA has set a target to reduce the leakage rate to 8.50% in the distribution part in Fiscal Year 2019/20. The distributor of electric power in the last fiscal year – FY2018/19 – set a target to cut 2.75% leakage rate from 11.28% to 8.50% in the current fiscal year.

Distribution centers under the provincial office in Biratnagar have been provided with the target of reducing the power leakage that stands at 11.84% to 8.87%. The target for the distribution centers having high leakage rate are supposed to be working on reducing high rate of power leakage and the ones having less leakage rate need to control the leakage rate accordingly.

The performance agreement as a guidance is expected to have positive impact on the overall organizational and financial situations. Ghising too has signed performance agreement with the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation.

“The income of the technician is included in the meter installed in customer’s home, there are irregularities in this part,” Ghising said, “Action will be taken against the chief of the distribution center that keeps the stock without meter-reading.”

Apart from leakage control, reducing the period of collection of average charge has been set as the major targets for every regional office and distribution centers under the offices. The performance will be evaluated every four months. The chief of the distribution center will be provided with certain cash as encouragement if the center scores 50% in the target given in leakage control and dues collection category. Likewise, the points will be added for the promotion. But if the point is below 50%, the performance will be considered weak and the points for promotion will be affected accordingly.


Source: My Rpublica