NEA signs PPA with Lower Irkhuwa Khola Hydro Power Project


    The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has signed a Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to buy electricity generated from Lower Irkhuwa Khola Hydro Power Project which has 14.15 MW of generation capacity.

    Jagdishworman Singh, the deputy managing director of the NEA and Managing director Bishweshwar Subedi, Lower Irkhuwa Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd. has  signed the pact on behalf of their respective organization.

    As per the agreement, the state-owned power utility will purchase 12.68 gigawatt hours of power during the dry season and 67.11 gigawatt hours of power during wet season. The PPA rate has been set at Rs 8.40 per unit for dry month and Rs 4.80 during wet months. The source river of the Lower Irkhuwa Khola Hydro Power Project is Irkhuwa Khola which flows between Kulunga and Nepaledada VDCs of Bhojpur District.

    National Hydro Power Company is looking to invest in Lower Irkhuwa Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd.


    नेशनल हाईड्रोपावर कम्पनि लि को सहायक कम्पनि लोअर ईर्खुवा हाईड्रोपावर कम्पनि प्रा लि (14.15 मे वाट)को आज मिति 2075/02/16 मा विद्युत खरिद बिक्री समझौता (PPA)सम्पन्न