NEA MD Kul Man Ghising Addresses Concerns Over False News and Comments


Kul Man Ghising, the Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, has accused certain media outlets of consistently spreading unfounded, malicious, and false information in a deliberate attempt to tarnish his and his family members’ reputation.

In an official statement, he condemned these media organizations for disregarding the principles, values, and ethics of journalism by attacking their dignity.

MD Ghising, who is widely recognized for successfully ending long-standing power outages and initiating electricity exports to India, has been tirelessly working to expand the transmission lines and strengthen the distribution systems.

“I firmly believe that such news is being deliberately circulated with vested interests to discourage those who are diligently fulfilling their responsibilities,” stated MD Ghising, who has dedicated a significant amount of his time to visiting project sites and providing necessary guidance for their completion.

During his two and a half years in his second term, NEA has achieved remarkable milestones, including transforming it into a highly profitable venture and successfully completing several transmission line projects that had been stalled for years.

Over the past three years, several strategically important transmission line projects have been successfully completed. These include the 200 kV Hetauda, Bharatpur, New Bharatpur-Bardghat, Kali Gandaki Corridor, Marsyangandi-Kathmandu corridor, and Koshi corridor. Additionally, the construction of the 400 kV Hetauda-Inaruwa Transmission line project is now in its final stage of completion. The primary objective of these projects is to provide reliable, high-quality, and safe electricity to the people of Nepal. Furthermore, the organization aims to strengthen its financial position, enhance its capabilities, and expand the infrastructure for electricity production, transmission, and distribution.

The ultimate goal is to make the country self-sufficient in energy and foster electricity trade with neighboring countries. Managing Director Ghising emphasized these points, stating, “Let me clarify.”

Full Text of Statement

I am deeply concerned about the continuous dissemination of well-planned, malicious, and false news and comments on social media. These publications specifically target me and my family. It is disheartening to witness a handful of media outlets violate the principles, values, and ethics of journalism.

The news is being transmitted in a false and misleading manner, with the sole intention of damaging my character, reputation, and the image of my family members, particularly my brother and myself.

I firmly believe that such news is being spread with ulterior motives in a meticulously planned manner to discourage those who are diligently carrying out their duties. Through this statement, I kindly request everyone not to be misled by such news.

My siblings, who have been living separately from me for a considerable period, are independently conducting their businesses by utilizing the rights granted by the constitution and laws of Nepal. Is it necessary for my siblings to go abroad instead of doing business within the country?

I want to clarify that I have not abused my position to benefit the businesses of my siblings. If any wrongdoing is found on their part, the authorities of the state will conduct an investigation.

I am faithfully fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to me by the Nepalese government day and night, without compromising my personal life.

I refute the allegations made with the intention of tarnishing the reputation of an individual who is sincerely and responsibly striving to achieve the primary objective of providing reliable, high-quality, sufficient, and secure electricity supply to the people of Nepal.

A vested interest group, which has once again become active, is determined to keep the Nepalese people uninformed about the issue of load shedding and exploit it for their own benefit. They are appalled by the actions of the Nepal Electricity Authority and are anxious about the progress and accomplishments made by the organization. These very groups are now plotting against me in an attempt to undermine my position and diminish my morale. Their focus on procurement contracts and other irrelevant matters under the current public procurement law only serves to confirm their intentions.

My primary goals are to provide reliable, high-quality, sufficient, and safe electricity to the people of Nepal, strengthen the financial capabilities of the organization, develop and expand the electricity infrastructure for production, transmission, and distribution, make the country self-sufficient in energy, and enhance electricity trade with neighboring countries. Allow me to clarify.

While it is the responsibility of the media sector to disseminate accurate and unbiased news or comments in a respectful and dignified manner, it is reprehensible to accuse me as if I were a judicial body.

Every action taken by the Nepal Electricity Authority is conducted with transparency.

Furthermore, this commitment to transparency will continue to guide our future endeavors. Through this statement, I assure you that I am fully dedicated to fulfilling my role as the executive head of the agency responsible for implementing energy sector plans.


Source: Spotlight