Marsyangdi Hydropower project ups production


    TANAHUN, June 30:

    lower MarsyangdiElectricity production has been increased at Marsyangdi Hydropower Project at Aabukhaireni-6 in Tanahun district. The power generation was increased with an increase of water flow in the river. 

    Only 42 megawatt electricity was produced from the project during winter season out of its capacity of 69 megawatt. 

    Now, the project has started producing 63 megawatt electricity with the increase of water level in the river during rainy season, said junior mason of the project, Durga Prasad Neupane. 
    Power being generated here is linked to the national transmission line via Balajau sub-station, Kathmandu, and Bharatpur substation, Chitwan.

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