Khudi hydropower project has remained halted for five days



    Khudi hydropower projectEnergy generation at Simpani-based Khudi hydropower project has remained halted for five days, hitting consumers hard and causing losses worth lakhs.

    According to Deepak Bhandari, acting chief of the project, the powerhouse of the project stopped functioning after some machines suffered damage during storm and rainfall a few days ago. With power generation halted, the project is incurring a daily loss of two lakh rupees.

    Bhandari informed that power generation will resume with the arrival of machines sent to Kathmandu for maintenance. The project generates 4MW during the rainy season and 2MW during the dry season. The project, which started operation seven year ago, earns more than Rs 90 million profit every year. Butwal Power Company owns 60 per cent, HCTHI of Canada 25 per cent and Lamjung Hydro Development Company owns 15 per cent stakes in the run-of-the-river project. According to an agreement, the developers will hand over the project to the state-owned Nepal Electricity Authority after seven-and-a-half years.

    Meanwhile, storm and rainfall brought power generation to a halt at the 5-MW Siurikhola hydro on Sunday and Monday. The project started operation a year ago and it can generate 1.2MW even during dry months.

    Source : The Himalayan Times