Kaligandagi hydro begins geological study


    MYAGDI, FEB 23 –

    Kaligandaki ghasaThe proposed 65-MW Kaligandagi hydropower project has started geological study. China’s Sino Hydro will carry out the study on dam and powerhouse.

    The Chinese company will study soil and stones up to 2,000 metres below. Since the geological structure of the project site, including areas where power house, dam and tunnel are to be constructed, is said to be weak, the project site is considered to be vulnerable to soil erosion.

    Tradelink Global, a private company, is developing the project. The run-of-the-river type project will have a dam at the junction of Begkhola and Kaligandaki rivers, while the power house will be constructed at Ghumaune lake in Piple VDC, which will be connected to the damn with an 8-km tunnel.

    According to the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), the construction of project will have an adverse impact on water sources in places like Thadikoriya, Rishin Chautari, Rani Pauwa situated in Piple and Bhagbati VDCs. It will also affect Beni-Jomsom roadway, pipelines of Beni drinking water project along with 43 other infrastructure.

    The project will displace 17 houses in the dam site, 30 houses in power house site, one house each in canal road construction site and in Chamere. “The locals will fully cooperate,” said Devendra Bahadur KC, former president of Bhagwati VDC, one of the areas that will be affected by the project. “But we are concerned about possible impact on human settlements.”

    Source : Ekantipur