Jumla connected to national power grid


 August 2, 2021

Jumla district  headquarters, Khalanga, has been connected to the national transmission line.

According to chief of Jumla-based National Electricity Authority distribution centre, Gaurav Pandey, the district has been connected with an 11-kV national transmission line. “NEA has connected Jumla with the 11-kV national transmission line through Kalikot for now”, he shared.

NEA had intensified its works to bring Jumla to the transmission line once Kalikot came to the reach. Earlier, NEA had successfully tested the transmission line from Jumla to Manma of Kalikot along the Karnali highway.

The electricity supply shortage is expected to be resolved with the NEA successfully bringing the district to the national transmission line. Parliamentarian Gajendra Bahadur Mahat expressed his happiness over the expansion of electricity transmission in Jumla and also highlighted the need for its sustainable management.

NEA has set its target to expand electricity to main areas of all eight local levels of the district by Dashain.