Hydropower Boom: Six Companies Declare Recent Profit Announcements


On December 11th, Kathmandu: Recently, 6 hydropower companies have announced profits to their shareholders. Bhagwati Hydropower, Chilime Hydropower Company, Century Energy Limited, Nepal Hydro Developer, Mandu Hydropower and Sanima Mai Hydropower Company have declared profits to their shareholders.

Chilime has announced a 15% profit distribution, including a 10% share bonus and 5% cash dividend. The company has called for an annual general meeting on Jan 5th, and the book closure date has been set for December 24th.

Bhagwati Hydro has announced a 10.52% cash dividend. The company has invited shareholders to the annual general meeting scheduled for December 24th, and the book closure date has been set for Jan 5th. Similarly, Century Energy Limited will provide a 10% share bonus, with no additional announcement of an upcoming general meeting.

Nepal Hydro has declared a 7% share bonus and a 0.37% cash dividend for tax purposes. Mandu Hydro has announced a 10% cash dividend, and Sanima Mai has declared a 10% bonus along with a 0.52% profit distribution for tax purposes. The book closure for these three companies has already taken place.

Source: Online khabar