Hydel projects to take some time to resume ops


    sanima_hydropower_submergeSINDHUPALCHOK, AUG 24 – Hydropower projects that were affected by the landslide in Sindhupalchowk are likely to take some time to come back into operation.

    As the natural flow of the Sunkoshi River has been disrupted, erection of transmission line towers isn’t possible. The landslide debris have blocked the river, forming a pool. The disaster has cut off 67MW electricity in the national grid.

    Of the seven hydropower projects affected by the calamity, two of the dams of the 10.5 MW Sunkoshi Hydropower Project have been damaged, while 2.6MW Sano Sunkoshi Hydro Project is completely inundated. The flood has swept away transmission lines of 45MW Bhotekoshi project, three projects in Chaku Khola with a combined capacity of 6MW, and 3MW Bhairavkunda project.

    The landslide has also swept away land acquired for the construction of transmission line of 22MW Upper Chaku project, which is under construction.

    “More than Rs 30 million investment has gone in vain,” said Umesh Shrestha, executive chairman of Chaku, adding the company will have to conduct a fresh research for taking ahead the project. “Even conducting the research has become difficult now.”

    Three transmission lines of Bhairavkunda and six of Chaku have been swept away. A total of 24 towers of the two projects will have to be replaced.

    In the Ramche area, 18 transmission line towers have been affected. The loss is estimated at Rs 15 million.

    Similarly, Seven poles of 132 KV towers of 45MW Bhotekoshi are in the need to be replaced. If the task is started immediately, it will take a month for completion. “We have planned to rework on transmission lines and adjust it from Ramche to Tekanpur, which means addition of three more towers,” said Babin Pradhan, manager of the project.

    Source : eKantipur