Harnessing the Potential of the Kali Gandaki River with a 38.16 MW Project Proposal in Gaindakot


KATHMANDU, May 4: A proposal for the construction of a 38.16 megawatt Kalika Gandaki hydroelectric project has been put forth in Devghat, Tanahun, and the Gaindakot area of Nawalpur, utilizing water from the Kaligandaki River to generate electricity.

The Department of Electricity Development has issued a public notice on Saturday and asked for suggestions from the stakeholders regarding the project.

The project based on a partial reservoir will be constructed by Maula Kalika Hydropower Company Limited. According to the Environmental Impact Assessment Report on August 4, 2023 and Feasibility Study Report of the project approved by the Ministry of Forestry and Environment in December 2023, the project department has asked for the opinion of the stakeholders.

The proposed hydropower project will have a capacity of 38.16 megawatts, generating an estimated annual output of 223.629 gigawatt hours.

Its infrastructure will be situated within Devghat Rural Municipality-1, 4, and 5, as well as Gaindakot Municipality-3, with the power plant located on the left bank of the Kali Gandaki River. A 106-meter-long and 17-meter-high barrage will be constructed to regulate water flow for the project, while the dam’s height will reach 201 meters. The project aims to store 24,163,786.80 cubic meters of water daily and generate electricity at maximum capacity for 4 hours.

Water diverted for the project will be channeled to a surface power plant measuring 112 meters in length, 40.95 meters in width, and 40.37 meters in height. Three turbines, each with a capacity of 12.72 megawatts, will be connected to the power plant, generating the targeted 38.16 megawatts of electricity. Effluent from the plant will be released back into the Kaligandaki River through a canal measuring 30 meters in length, 83 meters in width, and 13.17 meters in height.

An outdoor switchyard will be constructed adjacent to the powerhouse, with electricity generated from the project being transmitted to the New Bharatpur substation in Chitwan via a 10-kilometer-long, 132 kV single circuit transmission line. The completion target for the project is May 2026.

Source:  Republica