Govt Advances Study for 5,763 Megawatt Growth

Hydroeletric stations help in maintaining power grid stability with flexibility to ramp up and down generation as they take less time to start and stop as compared to other sources of power production.

KATHMANDU, Feb 4: The government has advanced study of 20 hydropower projects for the generation of 5,763 megawatt of hydroelectricity.

The Department of Electricity Development (DED) is carrying out a study of eight projects of 100 MW capacity each. Likewise, 12 other projects having capacity less than 100 megawatt are also being studied. If things go as planned, the government is preparing to advance development of the studied projects.

The DED is also carrying out the feasibility study of Khimti Those Shivalaya Hydropower Project of 1,720 megawatt capacity.

Furthermore, the officials are also working on the study of the 844 megawatt capacity Kaligandaki Multipurpose Project in the Kaligandaki river.

Likewise, the feasibility studies of the Burbang Hydropower Project, Kokhajor reservoir-based project, Humla Karnali cascade, Kaligandaki-II, Lower Badigad Project and Mugu Karnali Hydropower Project have reached the final stage.


Source: Republica