Government plans to produce at least 500 KW electricity in each of 753 local units


    The government says it is planning to enable each of 753 local units across the country to produce at least 500 kilowatt electricity within next five years.

    The National Planning Commission is carrying out a study on the possibility of generating power.

    “We are currently studying and will produce the onsite study report by mid-January next year,” NPC Vice-Chairman Swarnim Wagle says, informing the Commission is bearing all the expenditure for the study for now.

    “In total, we will produce around 400 megawatt power,” informs NPC member Arabinda Kumar Mishra, “The electricity generated under this plan will be sent to the national transmission line.”

    It is estimated that the national transmission line has to be expanded further by around 7,000 kilometres to bring in the power produced at local units. Each local unit will be connected through a transmission line with a capacity of 11 to 35 kVA.

    Mishra says the locally produced power cannot be consumed within the local unit without transmitting it to the national grid because some units will produce more power than necessary whereas some will produce insufficient.

    The Commission says micro hydropower, solar energy, wind energy and biogas projects will be introduced under the plan. It has been estimated that the project will cost Rs 100 billion.

    The local units themselves will operate the projects. “We want to build economic foundations for local units,” Mishra shares.

    The Commission will seek foreign assistance to fund the projects if needed.


    Source : Online Khabar