Free Clean Energy


January o1, 20201

Jumla: Patrasi Rural Municipality in Jumla district in far-flung Karnali Province has become the first rural municipality to provide free clean energy to 3,400 households in 27 settlements. Following the completion of 15 micro-hydropower projects totaling 250 kilowatts of combined energy, the rural municipality has become self-reliant in producing clean energy at the local level. Chairman of the municipality Lachhiman Bohara said they initiated the drive to light up the villages just three years ago when they were elected to the local level.

With all these power plants coming into operation, the locals do not need to rely on kerosene lamps, and students can do their homework till late night in a clean environment. This is an example other local levels could emulate. It has also proved that the local levels can perform better than the federal and provincial governments if they are given more powers to harness local resources. Jumla district is not connected to the national grid. Micro-hydropower projects can fulfil the local needs. The only problem they might face is making them sustainable in the long run. The local level must keep aside a revolving fund to keep them operational in the future.


Source: The Himalayan Times