Floods havoc wreak to hydropower projects


    Myagdi, Aug 17 (RSS): Two hydropower projects based in Myagdi and Mustang districts have come to closure with the monsoon rain-triggered floods causing damages to the dams.

    The recurring floods have disrupted the operation of Thapa khola Hydropower Project (13.6 MW ) at Thasang rural municipality-1, Tukuche in Mustang and 2-MW Tatopani Small Hydropower Project at Annapurna rural municipality-4, Dharap in Myagdi.

    Mustang Chief District Officer Shishir Poudel shared that the closure of Thapa khola Hydro following the floods has obstructed electricity supply across the district.

    “Maintenance works have been initiated by mobilizing dozers and labourers. However, it may take still more days to bring back the smooth supply of power”, he added.

    The hydropower had started generating power for the last one year. The shutdown of the hydropower project has affected public service delivery along with the operation of hotel, tourism and industry – the main source of the livelihood of the district.

    Likewise, the under construction Tatopani Hydropower Project has also witnessed a grinding halt with the pile up of soil and pebbles emanating from its tunnel in its dam.

    Technician Khim Pun shared that the project has come to a closure when the torrential rains swept away the pebbles, soil and wire and piled them along the dam.

    There are growing public grievances that the project has not paid any heed to their concerns for the management of disruptive extractives and maintenance of the project.

    Landslide survivors to be relocated

    The landslide survivors of Guithe and Kavre of Annapurna rural municipality-3 are to be relocated to safer areas. As many as 10 families which are at life-threatening risk of landslide will be taken to the safe zone.

    The Beni-Jomsom-Korala road project is to provide corrugated sheets and drinking water pipes to render relief to the victims .