Expert Hydro Sign PPA with NEA for 44.52 MW Sanibheri Hydropower Project


KATHMANDU, July 12: The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) has been signed for the 44.52 MW Sanibheri Hydropower Project  to be constructed by Expert Hydro Investment Pvt Ltd in Rukum. An agreement was signed between Nepal Electricity Authority and the promoter company today (July 12).

As per the PPA, the run of river schemed hydroelectric has to complete financial closure within a year. According to the power purchase guidelines, the project will get Rs8.40 for a unit of electricity during the dry season lasting from December to May and Rs4.80 for a unit of electricity during the wet season lasting from June to November. Kulman Ghising, managing director at the NEA and Jayram Aryal of the project signed the PPA today, on behalf of their respective organizations.

For this purpose, the company has already received the construction license from the Department of Electricity Development.

The department granted the construction permit to the company on Magh 12, 2079 BS. The license has a validity until Magh 11, 2114 BS.

Sani Bheri Hydropower project is a runoff river type of project located at Putha Uttarganga and Sisne Rural Municipality, Rukum East, Province 5. with 144.75 m gross head, 138.5m net head and 36.8 cubic meters per second design discharge at Q40%

The project is a run-of-the-river (ROR) type project. It will be built on the Sani Bheri River in Rukum district.