Environment Minister pledges to promote alternative energy


    KATHMANDU — People concerned have advised the government to increase people’s access to affordable and reliable energy by making amendments to the existing acts and laws and formulating new ones.

    A delegation from the Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal, an umbrella organization of various organizations associated with the area of renewable energy, today called on Minister for Population and Environment Lalbabu Pandit with such suggestions.

    On the occasion, the delegation insisted on the operation of programmes for promoting micro hydropower project, solar power, solar thermal energy, biomass, use of improved ovens and wind energy technology to meet people’s rising demand for electricity.

    In response, the Minister pledged to implement policies and programmes aim to minimize negative impact of climate change and to protect environment. He was of the view that combined efforts from the government, donor agencies and private sector were necessary to increase the people of all areas to energy though the implementation of alternative energy programmes .

    As he said, a special attention would be given to protect environment through the promotion of renewable energy and reduction of dependency on conventional means of energy and imported fuel.

    The delegation led by Confederation chair Gunaraj Dhakal took the moment to congratulate the new minister on his appointment on the post and wish for his successful tenure. RSS