Electricity production halted for lack of transmission line


    Ilam, July 3:

    mai hydro headworksA hydroelectricity project here that is in the final stage of power production has been asked to stop generating electricity for the time being for lack of a transmission line at a time when the nation is facing long power cuts.

    The Sanima Mai Hydropower Project (22 MW) has completed all the construction works but has to wait for more time for power production as the construction of the Kabeli Power Transmission Corridor has not been carried ahead.

    “Around 98 per cent works of the project are completed and it will be ready for power production within the next one month, but the power production is to be halted until the corridor is constructed,” said Basanta Paudel, Administration Officer of the Project.

    It is estimated that it will take few other months more to construct the corridor though the government had allocated necessary budget for its timely construction. Around a half dozen projects that were concluded and started power production have not been able to feed to the central transmission grid and therefore bearing a huge loss.

    Around 150 MW power including the 22 MW from the Sanima Mai Project in Mechi zone alone is yet to be fed to the central transmission line, it is stated.

    Source : The Rising Nepal