Construction of Kaligandaki Highway gets expedited


    Phalebas (Parbat), Oct 6: Left in dilapidated condition for around a decade, construction of the Kaligandaki Highway that links Indian border in South and Korola border with China in North has been expedited.

    Included in the list of national pride project, construction works to open and upgrade around 68 kilometres track from Kushma to Mirmi of Syangja have been speeded up, said the contractor RK Thapa.

    Other works involve the widening of the road, the construction of gabion boxes and culverts among others.

    Aimed to complete it by the Nepali month of Asadh end of 2074, Rs 390 million has been released so far for the constructions, a concerned authority said.

    Two construction companies—Kasthamandap Construction Company and Surya Construction Private Limited—are engaging in the construction.

    Source : The Rising Nepal