Construction of Hewa A hydel project completed


    Hewa A Hydro Project located near Panchthar headquarters Phidim, has started generating power. With the power generation, the hydro project is planning to test electricity transmission soon.

    A source at the Hewa A Project (14.9 MW) said that 99.9 per cent work at the project was completed.

    Earlier, Nepal Electricity Authority had carried out a study to construct a 10 MW hydro power project in the area. The NEA had quit the project after it adopted the policy of not constructing small hydro projects.

    Panchthar Power Company had carried out the study at a cost of Rs 11.5 million in 2011. The construction work had started the next year after the Power Purchase Agreement in 2012.

    Originally slated to be completed within three years, the construction period had to be extended to five years due to several factors such as disputes with locals, strikes and blockade.

    Project Chief Pusphajyoti Dhungana said that with the major infrastructure works, including tunnels, powerhouse, and transmission complete, the focus now is on the design and walling. “We are preparing a dry test in a week”, Dhungana added.

    The power generated from the project will be installed to the central transmission line through Ilam-Phidim 33 KVA Electricity Transmission Line. Since the work on 132 KVA electricity transmission line Kabeli Corridor is yet to be completed, the installation of all the power generated from the project to the central transmission line will be delayed.

    Chief Dhungana said that only 10 MW will be installed into the central transmission line till the Kabeli Corridor is ready.

    Panchthar Power Company and eleven banks including Sanima have share ratios of 25 and 75 per cent in the project.

    Source : The Himalayan Times.