Construction company resumes works after 14 months


    MYAGDI, Dec 3:

    RaghughatThe construction company of the Rahughat Hydropower Project, Myagdi, has resumed works after 14 months.

    The construction company—IVRCL has returned to work from this week.The company had stopped work demanding compensation from the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) for the period it could not carry out works.

    Assistant Administrative Officer of NEA Rahughat Project, Kashiraj Dahal, said that the construction company has started preliminary works of the project.

    Before this, discussion was held between the company and NEA time and again about compensation.

    According to the project, the company has started works without pre-condition even if discussion was held on the issue of compensation frequently.

    The NEA had made agreement with an Indian construction company in 2010 to carry out works on the 32 MW-capacity-project.

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