Chukeni Hydropower Project Approaches Final Stages of Construction


Jumla, Sept 3: The Chukeni hydropower project under-construction at Gadigaon of Patarasi rural municipality-1 in Jumla has reached its final stage.

A pride project of the district, work is being carried out to complete it by coming December, said rural municipality vice-chair Janamaya Rokaya.

To get information about the progress of the Chukeni project, a team including Karnali Provincial Assembly member Devendra Bahadur Shahi reached the project site on Friday.

According to Engineer Dinesh Thapalia of Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, 85 percent of the project’s power generation work and line extension work has been completed. It will take another year for the power generated by the project to reach the people’s home.

The APEC has invested Rs 310 million while the rural municipality and local people have invested Rs 130 million. President of Chukenikhola Cooperatives Society, Gor Bahadur Budha, said that the people have invested Rs. 60 million through shares in the project.

According to Patarasi Rural Municipality, electricity will be generated from the project with a capacity of 998 kilowatts.

Source: RSS