Chirkhwa Hydropower Set to Elect Directors in First Post-IPO General Meeting


June 10, Kathmandu. Chirkhwa Khola Hydropower Company will not distribute dividends to shareholders from the profit of the last fiscal year 2022/2024.

The company’s board of directors meeting held on June 10 has called for the fifth annual general meeting on July 7.

After the company has conducted its initial public offering, the first general meeting has been announced. During this meeting, representatives from the general shareholders’ group will also be selected, and two directors will be elected.

The chairman of the board of directors will present and discuss the annual report of the fiscal year 2022/2023 during the company’s general meeting. Similarly, a proposal to approve the annual financial statements for the same period will also be presented at the general meeting.

It has been informed that there is a special proposal to amend the company’s address and memorandum of association. Additionally, it has been announced that the share registration book will be closed on June 26 for the general meeting.

Source: Online Khabar