China to build 100 kW solar power station in Upper Mustang


    solar_farm1POKHARA, Feb 17: China is supporting District Development Committee (DDC), Mustang to build a solar power station (100 kW) in Lo Manthang of Mustang.

    “We have signed an agreement with Chinese government to build solar power station in Lo Manthang (Upper Mustang) which is situated at 3,800 meters above sea level,” Shobakhar Regmi, planning officer of DDC, said. “Chinese officials have said they would complete construction of solar power station within a year.”

    According to Regmi, the project will cost Rs 10 million.

    “Chinese government will construct the power station with its own investment and hand it over to DDC after completion,” added Regmi. He also informed that China has given the contract to build solar station to a Chinese firm — Kincaid New Energy Technologies.

    DDC officials say locals of Lo Manthang will not have to face power shortage after the construction of solar power station is complete.

    There are altogether 1,200 households in four Village Development Committees (VDCs) in Upper Mustang. However, only 400 of them have power supply through solar and hydropower projects.

    “Nearly 780 households in Upper Mustang do not have power supply. Power generated by the solar power project will be used to light up those households,” said Regmi. “Though China is building the project, it is our responsibility to distribute energy to those households.”

    Source : Republica