Chilime Hydro progressing Towards Constructing 81 MW Budhigandaki Prok


Kathmandu. Chilime Hydropower Company Limited has prepared to proceed with the construction of the 81 MW Budhigandaki Prok Hydroelectric Project.

The company has already applied to the Department of Electricity Development for Generation License to start the construction by preparing the Feasibility and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. The department has said that the process of issuing licenses has reached the final stage.

Issuing a notice, the Department has also urged to submit written opinion/suggestions within 35 days if there is any adverse impact on the construction and operation of the project.

The proposed project will be constructed on the Budhigandaki River flowing through Chumnubri Rural Municipality-4 and 5 of Gorkha. According to the feasibility study report, the annual energy of the dry season will be 139.311 GWh while the annual energy of the rainy season will be 320.235 GWh.

A 4,365.93-metre tunnel has to be constructed for the project. The gross head will be 214.24 meters and the net rated head will be 208.31 meters.

The headworks of the project is 260 meters below the confluence of Budhigandaki river and Tom river, while the power house will be 150 meters above the confluence of Budhigandaki river and Seran river. The internal rate of return is 13.05 percent while the benefit/cost ratio is 1.37 percent. The power generated from the project will be connected to the proposed substation at Philim/Gumda by constructing a 220 kV 15

Chilime took the 420 MW survey license of Budhigandaki Prok and proceeded with the study. But after the feasibility study, it was concluded that it would be appropriate to proceed with this project at 81 MW. According to an official of the company, although a license of 420 MW has been taken, the viability of Budhigandaki Prok has been seen at 81 MW.

It is estimated that 14 billion 48 million rupees will be required for the construction of this project. The company plans to start commercial production from this project on 13th Sep 2028.

Chilime is studying to proceed with the construction of the 87 MW Seti Nadi-3, 60 MW Chumchet Syar Khola hydropower project.

Similarly, the company has commissioned the 22.1 MW Chilime hydropower project. Under the leadership of this company, 102 MW Madhya-Bhotekhosi, 111 MW Rasuwagadhi and other hydropower projects are being constructed.






Source: Bizmandu (translated)