Chameliya-Syaule-Attariya 132 kv transmission line second circuit charged


The second circuit of the Chamelia-Saule-Attaria 132 kV transmission line, built to transmit the electricity produced from the hydropower projects of Darchula and Bajhang districts to the national system, has been put into operation.

The second circuit of the 132 KV double circuit transmission line starting from Balanch in Shailyashikhar municipality of Darchula and ending at Attaria substation in Godavari municipality of Kailali through Baitadi, Dadeldhura, Doti has been put into operation. The length of the transmission line is 131 km. The first circuit of the transmission line built by the 30 MW Chamelia hydropower project built by the Nepal Electricity Authority in Darchula was in operation from 2016. With the concessional loan of Korean Exim Bank, the tower structures of the transmission line were built for double circuit. However, the project built only one circuit and put it into operation.

The second circuit has been built and the line has been put into operation with an investment of about 60 million rupees by the Government of Nepal. Kulman Ghising, Executive Director of the Authority, said that since one circuit was not enough for the electricity produced by the hydropower projects that have been constructed and will be constructed in that area, another circuit was added.

Managing Director Ghising said, “After Chamelia Hydropower Project has built the transmission line infrastructure, the door has been opened for the construction of hydropower projects in the river channels of Darchula and Bajhang districts in the far west”. “Now the infrastructure has been prepared for electricity generation up to 250 megawatts produced in that area, besides, the voltage will be improved in Kohalpur West area of ​​Banke district when the electricity produced there is supplied locally.” Chamelia-Syaule-Attaria 132 KV transmission line is currently connected with about 110 megawatts of electricity from projects built by the authority and the private sector. 50 megawatts of private sector projects are in the process of being connected.

A 132-33 KV substation is being operated at Syaule in Dadeldhura to ensure regular and reliable power supply in the hilly districts of the far western provinces.  The electricity coming from Balanch substation has been supplied to Dadeldhura, Darchula, Doti, Baitadi and Achham from Syaule substation. About 6 megawatts of electricity is consumed in that area. Electricity is supplied locally from Syaule substation and the remaining electricity is brought to Attaria substation and fed into the national transmission system.

The electricity demand of the western region from Kohalpur is about 80 and 200 MW in winter and summer respectively. The project of the second circuit of Chamelia-Saule-Attaria 132 KV transmission line was started from the financial year 2017-18. Anil Adhikari, head of the project, said that due to the covid-19 epidemic and some locals of Dadeldhura and Darchula districts, who have received compensation and compensation in the past, obstructed the pulling of the wire of the second circuit, there was some delay in the work.