Asian Development Bank reaffirms Nepal commitment


Mar 31, 2019-Kathmandu

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has expressed its commitment to continue its support to Nepal in fulfilling the country’s aspirations for high economic growth.

Addressing the session entitled ‘Investing in Nepal: Experience Sharing’ Shixin Chen, vice president of ADB, reaffirmed the ADB’s commitment to supporting economic prosperity and assisting the country in fulfilling its growth aspirations. Since the ADB began supporting Nepal fifty years ago, the multilateral lending agency has mobilised about $6 billion to help build infrastructure and services to improve the lives of the people of Nepal.

At present, the ADB’s active portfolio consists of 36 projects amounting to $2.8 billion and 18 technical assistance projects worth $26.4 million. “We will continue to support Nepal as it aims for accelerated economic growth,” said ADB Vice-president.


Source: The Kantipur Post