Acts and Regulations


    1. Electricity Act 2049 Royal Seal: 17 Dec, 1992 (2049-09-02)

    WHEREAS, it is expedient to develop electric power by regulating the survey, generation, transmission and distribute the survey, generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and to standardize and safeguard the electricity services. NOW, THEREFORE, be it enacted by the Parliament in the twenty-first year of the reign of His Majesty’s King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.

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    2 . Hydropower Development Policy, 2001

    Water resources are important natural resources for the economic development of Nepal. Availability of abundant water resources and geo-physical features provide ample opportunities for hydropower production in Nepal. Out of the
    total hydropower generation capacity of about 83,000 megawatt (MW) in the country, about 42,000 MW of power generation appears feasible to date from financial–technical perspective. In view of the internal consumption and export possibility of hydropower in the context of the overall development of the country, an investment friendly, clear, simple and transparent policy is necessary to enhance the development process of hydropower. An open and liberal policy pursued in the hydropower sector after restoration of democracy has started yielding positive indications in the field of hydropower
    development. Our past experiences as well as working in close association with the private sector, even though for a short period, have guided our path in this regard. It is also observed that the need to overcome the shortcomings and
    weaknesses that have emerged in the course of involvement and participation of the private sector in the water resource sector.

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    Directives on Licensing of Hydropower projects-2068 (जलविद्युत आयोजना अनुमतिपत्र सम्बन्धी निर्देशिका, २०६८)



     4. Proposed Draft Model Project Development Agreement

    Proposed Draft Model Project Development Agreement For Hydropower Projects with installed capacity less than 500MW

    • Draft Model Project Development Agreement
    • जलविद्युत आयोजना विकास सम्झौता सम्बन्धी कार्यविधि, २०६९
    • Procedure Related to Hydroelectricity Project Development Agreement 2069 (2013)