52-Megawatt Projects in Jugal Himal Granted Production Permits by Electricity Development Department


Kathmandu — The Department of Electricity Development has granted production permits for two 52-megawatt projects near the remote settlement of Jugal Himal in Sindhupalchok.

Under the leadership of Sanima Bank, six other banks will invest in the project, which is estimated to cost 10.34 billion. The Department of Electricity Development has granted production licenses for the two projects: 36.52 MW Brahmayani and 15.15 MW Upper Brahmayani. With the production permits now approved, the construction of the projects will accelerate.

Brahmayani Hydro Company and Integrated Hydro Fund will construct the two projects in the Tembathan area of Jugal Rural Municipality using water from the Brahmayani River to generate electricity. Bharat Parajuli, the chairman of the hydro company, stated that the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for both projects has already been completed. The tunnel for Brahmayani, which aims to be completed by 2084 BS, will be approximately 6 km long, while the tunnel for Upper Brahmayani will be around 1.4 km long. The water from the Upper Brahmayani will be channeled into Brahmayani, and structures such as access roads, camps, and bunkers for the project have already been built.

The construction design for the project, located approximately 143 kilometers away from Kathmandu, via the Arniko Highway, has reached its final phase. Chairman Parajuli highlighted that due to the project’s water source and design, it will be cost-effective, and the revenue generated will also be attractive. Parajuli informed district residents about the invitation to invest in promoter shares. He stated that more than half a dozen electricity projects are under construction in the Brahmayani corridor in the central-northern part of the district.


Source: katipur