Wind energy a boon for Jumla denizens

    JUMLA, Jan 5: The residents of Jumla say that wind energy has become a boon for them to combat the current energy crisis. According to the locals, electricity produced from the wind energy has helped light some 140 households in Tatopani of Jumla.

    “The traditional lamp has been displaced from the village by the wind energy,” said a local Mun Bahadur Dangi.

    Using a hybrid technology of fusion of wind and solar energies, the locals said they have been able to generate 36 KW of electricity.

    The electricity is sufficient for household appliances such as mills and refrigerators in the day time and lighting bulbs at night, said Ram Bahadur Rawal, chairperson of Dangiwada Wind and Solar Energy Project.

    A total of Rs 17 million has been spent for the project. The funds were collected from organizations working on alternative energy sector and from the lawmakers’ development fund, said Amar Raj Dangi, secretary of Dangiwada VDC.

    The locals also donated for the pilot project which has proved to be a success in the village.

    Source : Republica