Upper Marshyangdi ‘A’ hydel releases 150,000 fingerlings


    Jun 3, 2017-

    The Upper Marshyangdi ‘A’ Hydropower Project has released 150,000 fingerlings in the Marshyangdi and Nyadi rivers in Lamjung district, with the aim of protecting the water and to improve the fishery ecological environment.

    The 50 megawatt Upper Marshyangdi had resumed power generation six months ago after remaining shut for a month to undergo maintenance.

    According to the project, the move to release fingerlings is part of their efforts to improve aquatic habitat.

    Karna Adhikari, public relations officer of the project, said they released the fingerlings at the dam site of the project. According to him, species like Asala, Rahu, Sahar and Mohari were released in the rivers. The project purchased the fingerlings in Chitwan.

    “We tested the water temperature to confirm that the fingerlings can survive there,” Adhikari said.  “The fingerlings will grow in two years and will start reproduction.”

    The area where the project released the fingerlings does not have a fish ladder, also known as a fishway.

    Adhikari said it would prevent the fingerlings from moving to new destinations. “We have released the fingerlings as a pilot and have plans to increase the number in the future.”

    Construction of hydropower project creates a threat to water animals in the affected area, resulting in an adverse effect on the water ecosystem.

    “The initiative can protect the water species even in the project constructed areas,” Adhikari said.

    Jeet Bahadur Gurung, chairman of the hydropower project stakeholders and coordination committee, said the initiative was taken to minimise environmental damage due to the project construction.

    Source: The Kathmandu Post