Uncertainty looms over Indrawati hydro project

    Indrawati - Trishul confluence at Dolalghat
    Indrawati – Trishul confluence at Dolalghat

    SINDHUPALCHOWK: Chances of the becoming a reality are gradually fading due to government’s lethargic approach towards the project.

    Some political leaders hold the government responsible for the gloomy scenario of the project as it had failed to carry out feasibility study despite the allocation

    of budget for the same. The reservoir power project, deemed suitable to the country due to its comparatively more accessible project site, had figured among the 10 most-prioritised projects of the then government three years ago when Gokarna Bista was at the helm of the energy ministry.

    The government then in the fiscal of 2010-11 had also allocated Rs 100 million for the power project’s feasibility study acting on the experts’ suggestion. It was anticipated that up to 110MW power would be generated from the project. Even Bista’s successor, Posta Bahadur Bogati had visited the project site as energy minister and had given a green signal.

    But interestingly, it was during Bogati’s own tenure as minister that the budget allocated for the feasibility study was sent back saying the ambitious project was beyond the capacity of the government and would be handed over to a donor instead.

    “Although a further study was proposed, after conducting a primary study, the ministry decided not to proceed ahead saying the project was unaffordable,” said Ranjan Lakol, Spokesperson for the Energy Ministry. Former NEA board member Subhas Karmacharya also held the government responsible for the abrupt halt of the project.

    Source : The Himalayan Times